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Water damage is a problem for homeowners not only because it affects the frame and foundation, but it also offers the ideal environment for dangerous mold to thrive. Fortunately, Stud Restoration is ready to help Florida residents with mold removal.

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The mere mention of black mold can frighten a homeowner. When water penetrates into warm, dark places, a single spore can start a colony that multiplies rapidly. Aside from the structural damage caused by water, the ensuing mold development is an immediate health risk, particularly for persons who are sensitive to indoor air quality or have pre-existing respiratory conditions.

While there is no single variety of black mold, the strain known as Stachybotrys chartarum is widely recognized as extremely dangerous. It’s a type of microfungus that can be found in soil and grain, but is most commonly found in cellulose-rich building materials. Mycotoxins from mold can cause respiratory problems in people who are constantly exposed to it if it is allowed to grow in moist or water-damaged areas.

Mycotoxins can create major health problems in people who reside in contaminated properties, therefore calling a black mold removal business is critical. While minor symptoms may resemble allergic reactions to pollen, more significant symptoms of mycotoxicosis may include aches and pains, nosebleeds, migraines, and memory loss. If a homeowner feels Stachybotrys chartarum is growing in their home, they should contact a black mold removal specialist.

Contact us to learn more about the methods specialists use to rehabilitate homes following disasters. Stud Restoration leads the way with years of experience in water and fire damage restoration, asbestos removal, and black mold cleanup. Visit the company’s website for useful information about their services. They are delighted to assist residents in Miami, FL and the surrounding area as a reliable water damage repair contractor.

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