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With a combined experience of over 50 years of restoration and customer service, Stud Restoration is ranked one of the best in Florida. We specialize in water damage restoration, mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold restoration. Stud Restoration prides itself on being one of the quickest to respond to the scene when called. Our focus is to make sure you are attended to in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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When your health is in jeopardy, minutes count. We are always available for any restoration and sanitation needs.

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Do you need water damage restoration?

We are familiar with hurricanes and tropical storms in Miami. These severe downpours are all too often the cause of residential and commercial property flooding. We are a dependable option for water damage restoration.

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Have you found mold? Call the professionals.

We are the wise choice for mold cleanup. Our rapid response team can set up containment from the time we arrive, protecting the unaffected sections of your house or business. We initiate remediation options such as air purification, controlled demolition, odor elimination, and other ways at the same time.

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Has fire and smoke damaged your property?

With so many huge homes in our area, major fires are always a risk. We are the most dependable option for fire damage restoration in Miami. We offer a large variety of recovery equipment that might be extremely useful for fire-damaged properties.

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Health & safety are our primary concerns.

Decontaminating a home or business can have a drastic role in improving your health. There are many ways a contaminated home affects you and your family. Removing allergens, odors, bacteria and toxins will improve the indoor air quality and create a safer environment.

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Clean air is essential to your health.

Good air quality is essential for a healthy lifestyle including better sleep, mental clarity, energy and productivity. Improving your breathing air can aid in the recovery process from undesired illnesses. Our indoor air quality treatments start with a collection analysis reviewed by a certified lab in Florida.

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Start breathing cleaner air today.

A home’s ductwork is one of the places where a contamination can be devastating. Most poor indoor air quality conditions are linked to contaminated air traveling through the HVAC system and ductwork. The desirable conditions for mold in these systems can lead to its spreading as well as allergens; also can provide an environment for reproduction.

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Our motto is to already be on the way as we're on the phone.

Stud Restoration prides itself on being one of the quickest to respond to the scene when called. Most restoration companies promise to provide quick service and take hours when minutes count. We are your trusted restoration needs company.

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    Our team takes great care to follow each step properly to protect your family home or business.


    Sanitizing a home or business can have a drastic role in improving your health.


    Removing bacteria and toxins will improve the air quality and create a safer environment.


    Our professionals will disinfect, sanitize, and clean all non-porous surfaces.


    Our treatment approach yields great results using environmentally safe products.